All Around the Town

me: I forgot to tell you what I bought over the weekend. Mary Higgins Clark’s All Around the Town! I found it in a Roosevelt Island thrift store

Mia: YESSSSSSSSS. an early fave

me: It is PERFECT cardio reading. I did 15 minutes on the bike today and didn’t even notice

Mia: oh man

I want to re-read it

but also I worry it won’t be as awesome as it was when I was 9

the chick!

how was Roosevelt Island? I’ve never been!

me: Weird

Mia: the tram scares me

Sent at 10:39 AM on Tuesday

Mia: I’ve never bothered to read much about Mary Higgins Clark

me: Oh, neither have I

Mia: she worked as an operator and used to eavesdrop on Tennessee Williams!

She worked as a copy writer alongside Joseph Heller

she was a Pan Am flight attendant

she modeled with Grace Kelly

and did a Fab laundry detergent commercial that aired during I Love Lucy and made her enough to live off for a while

her husband had a heart attack and his mother was at his bedside and collapsed right as he died and she died too!

Her daughter was a gerber baby


Mia: blog it!

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