I Do! I Do!

I found a series of Polaroids in a thrift shop a few years ago, and I do what I always do: I made a story out of them.

Pat couldn’t help remembering how often she’d had to hear “Why buy the cow?” from Great Aunt Ida as she drew the straight pin closer to the older woman’s flesh.

Betsy’s flabby arm hides Pat’s smile at the hideous yellow she’s forced her red-headed cousins into as her bridesmaids.

No, Pat doesn’t know why her wedding cake is sitting on fern leaves either. But she is not happy about it.

Pat feels the electric stare from the best man at the other end of the table, but doesn’t dare look away from her new roaster. But she, too, remembers their night together.

Flustered by the best man, Pat is caught by the camera as she reaches for her hip flask.

Don’t worry—Pat will be sure her new husband has very few reasons to smile over the coming years.


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