Real Talk: In Like Flynn

Real Talk, in which I explain why we say weird things like “plugged nickel” or “cats pajamas.” Also, a place where I can send my boyfriend when he asks the meaning of weird phrases like “plugged nickel” or “cats pajamas.”

“I’m in like Flynn!”Congratulations, you have just referenced the ease with which Errol Flynn got into vaginas. There’s some murkiness as to what about Flynn the phrase refers to; some claim it’s a reference to his swashbuckling cinematic ease, but most people (me! me!) prefer to attribute the phrase to his 1942 statutory rape trial, when two (two!) girls brought allegations against him.

The whole affair is pretty thoroughly dissected in Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, but if memory serves, one of the girls was discredited because she said the moon was beaming through a porthole–oh yeah, one of the alleged rapes took place at sea–and the ship wouldn’t have been facing that direction. Or something. Whatever. Flynn was in, and then he was out. On acquittal!

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