Real Talk: Cockles

Real Talk, in which I explain why we say weird things like “plugged nickel” or “cats pajamas.” Also, a place where I can send my boyfriend when he asks the meaning of weird phrases like “plugged nickel” or “cats pajamas.”

“You warm the cockles of my heart.”Turns out, cockles are a kind of clam, or bivalve, for you fancy pants. The phrase could have come about because cockles are heart-shaped (I don’t see it) or because of some Latin root work that involves the genus of cockles, Cardium, which is Latin for “heart.” Either way, it’s pretty clear that “cockles of my heart” is something only people who lack sentimentality would say. Who else would compare their heart to a bivalve?

Oh, and eating raw cockles has been linked to hepatitis.

You’re welcome!

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