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The Cheekiness of Max Beesley

Max Beesley nakedThis week, keep in mind the underrated sexiness of Max Beesley, the (oft-naked) star of A&E’s Tom Jones miniseries and former bestie of Robbie Williams.

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Olivia Newton-John Whips Some Slobby Straights Into Hot Gay Men

Wait a second… has anyone ever seen the music video for Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical”?

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The 12 Abs of Tom Daley

This holiday season, keep in mind the low-key coming out (and perfect abdominals) of British diver Tom Daley. Bonus? He likes older men.


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The Picture of Helmut Berger

3vlluh145ycojhqizxh3uo3fm2751122032011706This week, keep in mind the Germanic charms of Helmut Berger.

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Hump Day Viewing: Robby Benson

Remember when teen stars posed for photos like these? Sigh.

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The Great, Sexy Stoneface of Buster Keaton

BusterKeatonWetThis week keep in mind the perpetually calm, hard-bodied Buster Keaton. I’m not the only one to find him attractive, either.

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Forget Johnny Guitar and Remember Scott Brady

scott_bradyForgotten among the testosterone emitted by Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge in JOhnny Guitar is the delectable Scott Brady. This week, keep in mind his laconic pool poses.

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Anthony Perkins Drives Us All a Little Mad Sometimes

Anthony Perkins ShirtlessThis week, keep in mind the hard body that lay beneath the boyishness of Anthony Perkins.

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The Hairy/Sleazy/Sexy Album Covers of Mac Davis

I have a confession to make (can one confess to something that is probably obvious?). I have a soft spot for sleazy ’70s guys with shirts unbuttoned to the navel, chest hair, and gold medallions. I don’t know why, but I just love ‘em. So naturally, I’m a big fan of the covers of Mac Davis albums. Indulge at your own risk!

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Adventures in Personal Training REBOOT Edition

My personal trainer is finally back from his extensive European vacation, and we’ve hit the figurative punching bag hard already this week. Monday we cycled through all the muscle groups just to wake everything up, and today we narrowed our focus. This made it seem like the perfect time to place my order for this round of sessions.

I pulled up the photo I had saved on my phone from an Instagram post of Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant, weeks before. “I’d like to look like this, if you please,” I said. He snorted.

Goreski(1)“This? Easy. You will look better. See those abs? OK, he’s thicker than you so you won’t have those, but you will be very toned. And remember, you’re taller. I can’t cut your head off to make you the same size.”

“If that’s what it takes,” I said darkly. “If that’s what it takes.”

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