Just an Old-Fashioned Girl, Like Eartha Kitt

We could just enjoy the lyrics to this song and Eartha Kitt’s way of sending them up. But let’s also talk about the fact that, in mid-20th-century America, some TV show put Eartha Kitt in antebellum, Southern belle costumes.

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Lauren Bacall Wrote the Book

When Lauren Bacall left us, all I wanted was footage of her performing “I Wrote the Book” in Woman of the Year. And here it is! Never mind Wayne NEwton (I don’t know what that’s about), but here it is, delivered with peerless comedic timing.

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Steam ‘Heat’

If you’ve seen The Big Heat, then you understand just why this poster is so beautifully perverse and brilliant.

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Tales of Former Glamour Gals

When I was 20 years old, I was bright enough to understand that my schtick had an expiration date on it. That’s pretty impressive, given that my schtick at the time was being precocious for older gentlemen. “This can’t last, Peacock,” I said to myself (I call myself Peacock). “Your time as a bright young thing has a shelf date, and judging by the way you’re aging, it’s fast approaching.”

As it happened, I slid from the Gay List’s newest member to ostracized to bitter hard drinker (I once screamed “You’ll all die alone” in the middle of a bar) to someone who just shrugs and works harder. That’s where we’re at now.

The problem with working hard is that I am now at an age where everyone’s administrative assistants are up-and-coming twinks working for the same older men I once worked so hard to impress. There was a period in my life when I would fervently wish that my looks would fade so that people would take me seriously, which is the dumbest fucking wish one can imagine. Why wasn’t I wishing to be surrounded by better people?

I was talking on the phone with an old friend from those days. “I have a new assistant,” he said. “He’s 21 and wears big ol’ cowboy boots just like you. I call him Twinky Boots.”

I once wore cowboy boots a lot, but it’s been a very long time and I have never considered them to be one of my defining characteristics.


Jill Soloway’s Craziest Moments in the NYT Magazine

So Jill Soloway was profiled in the New York Times Magazine this weekend regarding her Amazon Studios series Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor as a middle class, white trans person. Here are the craziest, most God-I-really-can’t-stand-her, and Is-she-really-getting-a-pass-on-saying-that? moments from that story.  Continue reading

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The Many Sides to Lindsay Wagner

Can someone please post to YouTube Lindsay Wagner’s 1977 TV special Lindsay Wagner: Another Side of Me. Here’s the IMDb description:

Television special in which Lindsay sings, re-enacts her wedding day, plays in a silent-comedy spoof, meets Paul Anka, swims a la Esther Williams and plays Guinevere to Michael Brandon’s Lancelot.

Co-starring Vincent Price!

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The Grifters

CaryGrantRandolphScottScene: Manhattan, 1931

I had the good fortune to meet David at the Plaza’s Oak Room—though at the time, my definition of “good fortune” was somewhat flexible. And we didn’t in fact meet at the Oak Bar; to be entirely accurate, we met at the urinals in the mens room of the Oak Room.  Continue reading

Welcome to Heaven, Lauren Bacall!


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Liza Loses Her Mind on The Arsenio Hall Show

First of all, have you ever seen Liza look more like a Normal? Second of all, those nights at Studio 54 clearly paid off in terms of dance moves alone. Look at her dancing by herself on The Arsenio Hall Show, performing the Pet Shop Boys’ dance remix of Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind”! (You can watch the trippy music video here!)

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And I Am Politely Telling You, I Will Not Be Going

I have always found that the most powerful renditions of “And I Am Telling You” are those with very clear enunciation and the removal of contractions. Do you not agree, Miss Arkansas 1994?

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