Welcome to Heaven, Lauren Bacall!


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Liza Loses Her Mind on The Arsenio Hall Show

First of all, have you ever seen Liza look more like a Normal? Second of all, those nights at Studio 54 clearly paid off in terms of dance moves alone. Look at her dancing by herself on The Arsenio Hall Show, performing the Pet Shop Boys’ dance remix of Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind”! (You can watch the trippy music video here!)

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And I Am Politely Telling You, I Will Not Be Going

I have always found that the most powerful renditions of “And I Am Telling You” are those with very clear enunciation and the removal of contractions. Do you not agree, Miss Arkansas 1994?

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Kinsey Says No Women Allowed

I assume that Kinsey Whiskey is fully a 6 on the scale.

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Just Like Lauren Bacall

There are a lot of songs titled “Lauren Bacall.” Here’s a good one that sounds as if it was written about me! “Blonde and tall / She had it all / With a voice like Lauren Bacall.”

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Weekend Challenge: Boîte

El_Morocco_nightclub_New_York_City_1965This weekend, find a reason/excuse to use the word “boîte” in a sentence!

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Bacall Is Ready for the Weekend!


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Eartha Kitt’s Gay Agenda

Watch middle-aged Eartha Kitt turn all of these straight married men into extremely gay chorus boys! God, I was born in the wrong time.


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Eartha Kitt Welcomes You to Timbuktu

God, Broadway has gotten boring.

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The Name on Everybody’s Lips Is Gonna Be Liza

You know how Liza Minnelli played Roxie Hart in the original 1975 production of Chicago, right? No? Well, when star Gwen Verdon swallowed some confetti (this a decade after she swallowed a feather in Sweet Charity) and the show was already faltering at the box office, what choice did director Bob Fosse and songwriters Kander and Ebb have but to turn to their secret weapon, Liza with a z? She learned the entire role in a week flat; there was no advance publicity; she didn’t even get billing. And apparently attending one of those performances in that month was like being at a rock show.

More importantly, you can hear Liza performing “Roxie” live! She has a wildly different take on the role than either Verdon/Reinking or Renee Zellweger, but it’s amazing to hear her sounding amazing live on stage. (Also included here is Liza’s high-energy performance set to a lounge music version of “My Own Best Friend” on Sammy and Co.)

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